I have been going to Dr. Creasman for shoulder issues since approximately 1999. He is very knowledgeable, thoughtful and an excellent surgeon. The first time I saw him was for a second opinion for a grade III separation. The first ORS immediately recommended surgery. Dr. Creasman told me that "current literature" at the time indicated to not do anything and let the injury heal on it's own. Boy, was I happy I followed his recommendation as I made a full recovery with no issues. The next time I saw him, approx. 17 years later, was for a torn rotator cuff and bicep tendon to the same shoulder. This time, surgery was my only option as PT did not resolve my problems. I again went to Dr. Creasman for a second opinion, and again was glad I did. I did end up having surgery with him and had an excellent result with absolutely no problems following PT. I have since injured my other shoulder, but this time I went directly to Dr. Creasman. Rather than recommending surgery, he recommended PT to see if it will resolve my issue (impingement). Hopefully, PT will resolve my problems. If not, I know I will be in good hands with Dr. Creasman if I do end up needing surgery. As you can see, Dr. Creasman isn't an immediate proponent of surgery like most ORS. I highly recommend him as your primary ORS. Dr. Charles M Creasman, MD - Reviews on Vitals

I had extreme pain in Both my hips for 5 years. However, I was afraid to have the major surgery. Finally, I went to visit Dr. Creasman. From the Receptionist, to the PA and his X RAY technician everything was 5 Stars. Dr. Creasman surgery on BOTH hips. Today, 5 months later, I am a NEW man. He is a brilliant surgeon and wonderful person. Dr. Charles M Creasman, MD - Reviews on Vitals

I thought I would never be pain free again but then Dr. Creasman replaced my knee. I cannot thank him enough. he is a miracle worker. He is one of the fee good ones left. THANK YOU Dr. Charles M Creasman, MD - Reviews on Vitals

I am a retired registered nurse. He is one of the nicest and best doctors I have ever met. He did a successful total hip repair on my 92 year old mom. He has wonderful bedside manners and is an excellent surgeon. As I was waiting for my mom I sat next to a man who had been an Xray tech and he told me that Dr creaseman had done all of the ortho surgeries that any of his family had needed over the years and that everyone in his family agreed that doctor Creaseman is the best. Dr. Charles M Creasman, MD - Reviews on Healthgrades

Dr. Creasman is a stellar surgeon & with great ethics. I first went to him 14 years ago (& again yesterday for a different problem). He is no longer affiliated with Abrazo. Some reviews talking about quality of staff and answering of phones were not of Dr. Creasman's doing and that has been rectified. I met most of his staff & they are excellent. I would highly recommend Dr Chas. Creasman for any Orthopedic need. Barry Nulph, Pres. Integra Systems Corp. Dr. Charles M Creasman, MD - Reviews on Healthgrades

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